Ladies and Gentlemen,
It was in the beautiful Waldstein Castle in Duchcov that Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, Chevalier de Seingalt wrote the famous memoirs that permit us to share in his exciting life. / Today, the Frankfurt artists who have made this exhibition possible with their works, allow museum visitors to participate in their view of the world. These progressive artistic positions from Frankfurt are at the same time European positions. In the way that only art can, by means of the exhibition in Duchcov they are connecting two regions with each other that are of outstanding importance for Europe.
For a long time northern Bohemia represented the middle of Europe, while today Frankfurt occupies a central position in Europe. Furthermore, being the sister city of Prague, Frankfurt has always shown great interest in the Czech Republic and and its various regions. Today, following the fall of the «iron curtain» we enjoy the freedom to re-acquaint ourselves with each other and exhibitions such as this provide an excellent opportunity to do so.
I would especially like to thank Dr. Burkhard Brunn for realizing this project, as well as the Honorary Czech Consul, Dr. Joachim von Harbou, who very kindly agreed to act as patron of the exhibition. / I am very proud that once again Frankfurt am Main has proved itself to be a lively city with a keen interest in culture and art. I take particular pleasure however in the fact that with the «Buon giorno, Casanova!» exhibition people in the Czech Republic and from all over the world are confornted in this unusual location with contemporary artistic positions.
I wish all those involved in the exhibtion great success, its visitors much enjoyment and inspiration, and I wish us all a fruitful, long-lasting artistic future, with interaction that reaches beyond Europe’s disappearing borders.
Yours faithfully, Petra Roth, Lady Mayoress of the City of Frankfurt am Main

A greeting from the Patron Joachim von Harbou
Europa is currently witnessing an exceedingly important phase in its history.
Historical relationships are being restored through the inclusion of a host of Central East European countries in an enlarged EU. For the most part political and economic issues are at the forefront of this process.
But there is more at stake, namely the emergence of a community feeling among as many Europeans as possible. And in no small measure culture is part and parcel of this, and of which as symbols nothing could be better suited than the contemporary art of Frankfurt artists and Duchcov Castle, seeped as it is in tradition. In as much as our joint future is concerned, German and Czech interests need this sort of project. Even more than coming to terms with the past, we owe it to the next generation to steer a course that is characterized by a spirit of affection and friendship between our two countries. As such I am particularly grateful to Dr. Brunn for the initiative to stage, and indeed realize this project and hope that the exhibition enjoys the success it truly deserves. Dr. Joachim von Harbou, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Hessen



Preface by the Museum Director Mgr. Petr Horák
It is with the great appreciation that I welcomed Dr. Brunn’s idea of organizing a show of young contemporary art from Frankfurt/Main in Duchov State Castle and I am very glad he has shown such initiative.
The Castle’s «Casanova» gallery has to date only familiarized visitors with the works of Bohemian artists; so it seems all the more exciting to contrast them with efforts by German artists. My personal thanks therefore go to Dr. Brunn as well as Ms. Andela Gotssmann at the «Creative» Jílové Citizens Association, which has helped us organize the exhibition.
I am convinced that a United Europe, and we already feel part of such, will stand under the sign of friendship, understanding and cooperation. And the visual arts have always been a way of getting to know one another, a bridge from one heart to the other. Mgr. Petr Horák / Castellan of the Duchcov State Castle